Saturday registation is in the park on 1st south just to the east of highway 91. When arriving on hwy 91 please do not turn onto 1st south. Instead turn at the traffic light onto main street.

The best place to park is in the White Pine Middle School parking lot. To get there from main street turn left onto 100 west and contine north until the road ends in the parking lot. There will be signs directing you to this parking lot.

Parking may also be available in the church parking lot at 100 West and Main. If the church has an activity the day of the ride this parking lot will be unavailable. Please do not park in this lot or block the entrance if there are signs saying the lot is closed.

Please be carefull to not block driveways if you park along the streets. Do not park in front of the businesses in town. Also make sure to not park in front of the post office.